The Witch From The Sea by Lisa Jensen

August 17, 2004

coverLisa Jensen writes a highly enjoyable tale of Tory Lightfoot and her coming of age on the high seas. Her story has a little bit of everything - adventure, humor, tragedy, romance, Shakespeare! We are swept into the story as she grows from the brave young girl who stole out of her private school in Boston to take to the seas, into a bold, young lady pirate. She learns to seize the things she wants, instead of leaving them to Fate and her wheel.

Several aspects of this story make it truly exceptional. Firstly, the book is paced very well - you'll be entralled from the first line to the very last paragraph. It's not formulaic - you're not sure how it's really going to end. Secondly, Jensen avoided all the pitfalls of making this into your average pirate romance (I don't want to give spoilers, but I was very pleased with the outcome of everything, and delighted to see it rise above the norm). Thirdly, in such a graphic tale of piracy on the high seas, I was not expecting the humor, but the pirates were exactly as I would like to think many were! Lisa Jensen certainly didn't balk at the cruelty of the era, classes, races, nor life at sea - she gave you the details, even the terrible ones. This is admirable if only because so many pirate romances shy from the reality of a seaman's life. Lastly, the heroine may have started out young and in over her head - fallible - but she's a real person - a very likeable heroine with a strong will that you can relate to. All said, hats off to Lisa Jensen for her fantastic novel!

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